An idea that was born in an evening with friends and wine.

+ Restless, passionate, ORIGINAL AND ALWAYS FRESH. . This DEFINES HER WORK PERFECTLY, hER passion for art and HER understanding of LIFE ITSELF. (MORE+)


It couldn’t be otherwise, behind this MOVIMIENTO, there is a lot of drive and great passion. It all comes from Barbara Aurell, interior architect with extensive experience but an inquisitive woman and lover of creativity in all its forms.

The spirit of MOVIMIENTO spent years brewing in Barbara's mind, as she kept getting to know people with acute artistic profiles but no means or space to express their talent. PUT ALL THOSE PEOPLE TOGETHER, FACILITATING THEIR MEETING IN COMMON GROUND TO SHARE THEIR WORK, EXPERIENCES, AND INTEREST IS THE FIRST STEP TO CHANGE THE SCENE. SURE, FROM HERE, THINGS WILL HAPPEN.